Experience a break from everyday life in our hotel as a treatment guest, even without overnight stay! There are different ways to enjoy our spa treatments. We have the right offer for every time frame and every taste! In between you can enjoy our bathing and sauna area or our sports and activities. Afterwards we cordially invite you to let your application experience end in our ruins.

Facial treatments with Babor


Our face-care facial treatment with the following contents:

1. Basic cleaning including intensive facial

2. Individual drug ampoule - adapted to your skin condition

3. Facial mask and final care according to your skin type

Approx. 30 min. € 39,00


Experience your skin image fresh and clear! To match this goal, you get a cleansing, a peeling and a deep cleansing. For the final calming of your skin we apply an ampoule, mask and final care.

Approx. 50 min. € 62,00


* Lunch – set menu in our restaurant Verde

* Relaxation in the wellness area with swimming pool & saunas

* Use of the Sports Club including participation in our spa program

* Body peeling

Valid from Tue-Thu for € 62,00 per person


* Lunch – set menu in our restaurant Verde

* Relaxation in the wellness area with swimming pool & saunas

* Use of the Sports Club including participation in our spa program

* Facial treatment “Fresh & Clear” (50 min)

Valid from Tue-Thu for € 79 Euro per person

You can use a bathrobe and a sauna cloth for a small fee of € 10,00 per person.


Enjoy our "well-groomed & beautiful" facial treatment - including cleansing, peeling, skin vitality check, individual active ingredient ampoule and mask as well as a relaxing facial décolleté massage and final care. Pure care for a beautiful result!

Approx. 70 min. € 82,00


The subtle difference is felt and visible here!

After cleansing, peeling and vitality check, the high-quality concentrate and the lifting mask from the Babor HSR series are intensively incorporated. After your eyebrows have been corrected, you can relax deeply during an extensive head and neck massage. The final treatment rounds off this treatment and your new radiance is simply stunning!

Approx. 80 min. € 92,00

Facial treatments for him


Whenever you want to go quickly, but you do not want to make any compromises, this treatment is just right with cleansing, peeling, refreshing active ingredient ampoule, massage massage and protective final care!

Approx. 40 min. € 49,00


Once you refill please! After treatment with cleansing, clarifying peeling, deep cleansing, balancing mask, neck and facial massage and final care, your skin looks vital and your facial features recover and relax.

Approx. 70 min. € 79,00



With this massage from head to toe, only one is in the foreground: "Time for relaxation". Flowing strokes and loosening handles ensure soothing deep relaxation. The face massage with nourishing ampoule completes this treatment.

Approx. 70 min. € 84,00


With a Babor aromatic oil of your choice, the massage, consisting of relaxing massages and variable pressure, is performed. In doing so, you can determine which focus is most important to make tired areas fit and vital again.

Approx. 50 min. (Whole body) € 62,00


First, your back is well cleaned and warm. The back massage can now be performed freely and optimally. The stress goes - the recovery comes.

Approx. 40 min. € 45,00


After a natural cleansing ritual, we release the "mental carousel" with a head-face décolleté massage. So you have your head free again for new, inspiring thoughts.

Approx. 30 min. € 39,00


The energetic force and the heat of the stone are used in a targeted way to relieve tension and recharge you with new energy. The stones are massaged and placed as a heat carrier.

Approx. 30 min. (Back) remains - 42,00 Euro

Honey Balance

Natural honey is a pleasure for your skin. This whole body honey application includes a detoxifying and circulation-promoting full body massage with a composition of natural honey-ginger oil and massage honey with subsequent beeswax pack. A moisturizing facial mask with a relaxing facial massage completes this treatment.

Approx. 60 min. € 85,00

Detoxing treatment - Vital radiance and pure pleasure

The regenerating detoxing massage with special beauty massage cups combined with high-quality anti-aging oil brings out the individual beauty to the full.

Deep, expiring massage movements prepare your body for the subsequent, circulation-promoting application.

The balanced treatment from deep cleansing beauty massage and the high-quality active ingredients extracts the elasticity of your skin and brings you back into balance.

Whole body: 50 min € 65,00

Partial body (back, legs and buttocks): 30 min € 45,00

Kranichhöhe Beauty


Eyelashes or eyebrows € 10,00
Eyebrow correction € 10,00


Our wellness treatments for hands & feet provide visible care, refreshing freshness and a sense of well-being.


Hand bath, nail shaping, nail care, nail skin removal and hand care.
Approx. 40 min. € 34,00
Additional varnish € 9,00


Foot bath, pedicure and foot pack.
Approx. 40 min. € 34,00
Additional varnish € 9,00
Shellac & Express manicure approx. 30 min - € 39,00
Fill the gel gels approx.1.30 h - € 49,00

Individual time

Would you like to have time and would like to tailor your treatment to your needs? Then choose from the following five building blocks and create your own treatment:

Stress-free back (brush massage, back massage, warmth with thermolotion) - 30 min.
Individual facial treatment - 30 min.
Relaxing head and neck massage - 30 min.
Solvent foot massage incl. Foot pack - 30 min.
Refreshing facial massage - 30 min.
Approx. 30 min. € 39,00
Approx. 60 min. € 72,00
Approx. 90 min. € 92,00


Design your personal mountain spa experience - be it gentle care or vitalising recovery with our Babor

Care products:

1st course: Clarifying whole body peeling
2nd course: Nourishing body pack
3rd gear: back massage OR head facial décolleté massage
Approx. 70 min. € 79,00


Your very individual feel-good fragrance accompanies you through the whole-body peeling and the subsequent whole body pack. Your skin feels completely pure, can breathe freely again and is velvety soft.

Approx. 40 min. € 42,00

JEAN D‘ARCEL Vègètalie

Vègètalie stands for the naturalness of this special skin care. We orientate ourselves by the strict “Natruen”-guidelines for natural makeup and the high standard of the development laboratory of the brand JEAN D'ARCEL in Germany. All products are developed and produced in Germany.

JEAN D‘ARCEL Vègètalie

...Contains no synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives.
...Contains no mineral-oil-based ingredients.
...Contains no paraffins and ethoxylated raw materials (PEG-free).
...Contains no irradiated ingredients.
...Contains no genetically modified raw materials.
...Contains no animal ingredients.
...Is flavored with a mixture of natural essential oils.
...The used vegetable oils are preferred from controlled organic cultivation.
…Emulsifiers of purely vegetable base are used.
...The skin compatibility is tested dermatologically and is confirmed.
...Animal testings are neither carried out nor are ordered for all cosmetic products of D’ARCEL.

The new JEAN D'ARCEL Vègètalie products contain purely plant extracts from blossoms, leaves and roots, natural mineral raw materials, vegetable oils, fats and wax as well as essential oils and flavors. Emulsifiers, which integrate oily and watery components to a creme are purely vegetable base.

The special ARCELMED line promise you a healthy and younger looking skin!

Care Treatment

  • Smooth skin cleansing
  • Peeling
  • Active-ingredient concentrate – suitable for your skin type
  • Treatment mask
  • Final treatment

Approx. 30 min € 35,00


Spoiling Treatment

  • Smooth skin cleansing
  • Skin diagnosis
  • Peeling
  • Excision of skin blemishes
    • Active-ingredient concentrate – suitable for your skin type
    • Treatment mask
    • Final treatment

    Approx. 50 min. € 55,00


    Treatment Deluxe

    • Smooth skin cleansing
    • Skin diagnosis
    • Eyebrows correction
    • Deep cleansing
    • Peeling
    • Excision of skin blemishes
    • Active-ingredient concentrate – suitable for your skin type
    • Face, décolleté and neck massage
    • Treatment mask
    • Final treatment

    Approx. 70 min. € 75,00