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Relax with one of our soothing massages

Please note that we offer massages only on Fridays and Saturdays. However, our MedyJet massage table is available daily.
Due to high demand, we recommend that you book appointments for your massage early.
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MEDYJET MASSAGE approx. 20 Min. - €13.50
Find rest and relaxation on an original MedyJet hydromassage bed and experience a soothing combination of massage and meditative tranquility.
KING'S MASSAGE approx. 70 min. - €92.00
This full-body massage focuses on only one thing: "Deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being from head to toe". Loosening grips provide relaxation and a face-head-neck massage rounds off this treatment.

AROMAOIL MASSAGE approx. 50 min. (full body) - €69.00
With an aroma oil of your choice, the massage, consisting of loosening massage grips and variable pressure, is carried out. You may determine which focus is most important to you in order to make tired areas fit and vital again.

ANTI-STRESS BACK TREATMENT ca. 40 min. - €53,00
First, your back will be well cleansed and warmed up. Free and optimally prepared, the back massage can now be performed. The stress goes - the relaxation comes.

BERGIAN STONE MASSAGE approx. 40 min. (back and back of legs) - €59.00
The energetic power and warmth of the stone is used specifically to release tension and recharge you with new energy. The stones are massaged and applied as a heat carrier.

HONEY BALANCE approx. 60 min. €90,00
Natural honey is a treat for your skin. This full-body honey treatment includes a purifying and circulation-enhancing full-body massage with a composition of naturally pure honey-ginger oil and massage honey followed by a beeswax wrap. A moisturizing face mask with a relaxing facial massage completes this treatment.